Overcoming Negative Self-Talk: How Dare I Speak To Myself Like That!

We all have an inner dialogue, a running commentary in our heads. A strong component is the internalized put-downs from others, collected over the years and replayed over and over again like an endless tape-loop. So, when we are faced with new challenges, this self-talk kicks in and brings us down. Sound familiar?

I realized that if anyone dared speak to me the way I speak to myself, I would not speak to them again! I knew then that it was time to do something about it.

If you’re in a similar position, the first step is to monitor the self-talk to assess the extent of the negativity. The next step is to logically dispute it and to look for exceptions. The third step is to correct it and replace it so that your inner critic becomes more of an inner coach.

Here’s a little video that will help you to start making changes:

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