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pdf_iconGary combines a solid academic background with a strong emphasis on applied psychology and substantial experience of working in diverse arenas from the board room to the magazine advice column to the class room. Clients and projects include: American Airlines, Aston University, Baum Media, BBC, BBFC, Birmingham City University, Birmingham LGBT, Birmingham Rep, Brook, Communications Research Group, Endemol, Engine, first direct, Heart of Birmingham Teaching PCT, Hotbed Media,  ITC, Learning and Skills Council, Leopard Films, Martkettiers4dc, MHP Communications, Orion Media, Payments Council, Powergen, Prospects Pictures, Royal Free Hospital, Townhouse Media, TriMedia, UCL, University of Birmingham, West Midlands Police

This recommendation taken from Gary’s Facebook Page:


Best decision I ever made to buy this book [Unlock Your Confidence] and work with Gary. I have autism and borderline personality disorder, I find it hard to click with many traditional therapists, Gary’s writing and life coaching has changed my life. – Coaching Client / Student

Following recommendations are all taken from Gary’s Linkedin Profile:

Research, data analysis and report writing:

Gary has an enviable ability when it comes to writing in a really accessible way, and conveying complex messages across in a way that’s easily understood. He is good with words, numbers, and most importantly people. He shows insight, wisdom and humanity. His sense of humour makes working with him a joy, as does his expertise – I have always really enjoyed working with him, and know he puts his all into everything he does – Media Consultant

Research, data analysis, report writing and presenting findings:

Gary was quick to understand the complexities of the job, and work quickly and efficiently to understand and translate hard data into a coherent narrative with clear outcomes. Gary also undertook to present the findings. . . in a number of public settings in a clear, concise and engaging way. I have no hesitation in recommending Gary for his abilities as a research consultant, a presenter or generally as a colleague who can be relied upon to deliver high quality work as required – Director

Psychological insights and expert analysis for journalists:

Gary is an informed, eloquent – and always interesting – commentator who has regularly contributed expert psychological insights for articles I’ve written – Journalist


Gary contributed a number of. . . articles for my magazine and website to extremely tight deadlines. He quickly got to grips with the house style, producing engaging copy always with an eye on the evidence – CEO, Film maker

Writing and presenting:

Gary was a fantastic author to work with. . . He delivered a great book and was unfazed by the demands of the publishing process. He was also a natural on the media and promotional side, and completely at home in front of the camera – a really assured presenter – Publisher

Writing and communication skills:

Gary is very knowledgeable about his subject and an intuitive communicator. I found him a good listener, who was able to focus on the needs of the reader and was a pleasure to work with – Publisher


Without doubt, the most knowledgeable and engaging lecturer I have ever been taught by. Great energy, great enthusiasm and made learning real fun for the group. Highly recommended. – HR Practitioner

Gary is an exceptionally gifted teacher. He is ethical, compassionate, insightful and witty. I learnt a great deal (content and process)from him. – Psychotherapist

Teaching and communication skills:

Gary has excellent communication skills, is a dynamic teacher with the ability to engage students of different levels and varying backgrounds. His teaching has always been well received by students. – University Lecturer/Programme Coordinator

Teaching and team building:

Gary. . . engaged brilliantly with the students who were either managers or aspiring managers from the public sector. Using his profession expertise in social psychology he brought the topic of teamwork alive. Highly recommended – Programme Coordinator/Business Coach

Lecturing, psychology, writing:

Dr Gary Wood was a tutor on my second degree course (Psychology). He has excellent presentation skills which engage students of different ages, abilities and backgrounds. He communicates both enthusiasm for and great insight into his subject.  From him I learnt not only about academic evidence- based psychology, but also additional practical research skills. I’ve also enjoyed at least one book he has written.  Both in a commercial and an academic context I am pleased to recommend Gary as a personable expert in applied psychology. – Student / Business and Management Consultant


Gary Wood is an exciting and interesting communicator, who gets across a message in a memorable way. He collaborated on the design and delivery of the Certificate in Sexual Health Studies. This programme was targeted not at health professionals but at those people working with younger/older/vulnerable service users within a variety of contexts. This was a really innovative programme that fired up the enthusiasm of the participants – and this was largely due to Gary’s teaching style and excellent abilities to communicate

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