Coaching with Dr Gary Wood – FAQs

Pic: Ask how coaching can help you.Hello, I’m Gary Wood. I’m a Chartered Psychologist, Solution Focused Life Coach and Author.

I offer a free no-strings consultation by telephone or Skype. The call usually lasts about 20 minutes and allows you to ask questions to see how my coaching approach will work for you

In the meantime, here are some frequently asked questions:

What type of coaching do you offer?
Before training as a coach, I studied academic psychology and trained as a teacher in Further and Higher Education. So everything I do is evidence-based. I’ve trained in cognitive-behavioural coaching, performance coaching, life coaching and the solution-focused approach. I use mainly the solution-focused approach now.

How many sessions will I need?
Research indicates that the optimal number of coaching sessions is four to ten, so that’s what I use. It takes about four sessions for you get into the habit of asking questions of yourself in a solution-focused way. After ten sessions,  it’s the law of diminishing returns. The big strides are made between four and ten. As a general rule, if you are looking to make changes in a number of areas of your life then you will probably need 8 to 10 sessions. Also, if you want to tackle long-standing habits or self-limiting attitudes and beliefs then this usually requires a number at the higher end of the range. However, if you are looking to make a change in one or two areas of your life or just want to ‘get yourself back on course’ then go for fewer sessions.

How often should sessions be?
Based on professional practice, ideally, sessions should be seven to ten days apart. It’s important that we can build momentum from one session to the next. If the sessions are spread more than two weeks apart then it runs the risk of becoming ‘fire-fighting’ rather than coaching. The overall aim of coaching is empowerment. Of course, if you need support for a particular project that requires less frequent sessions we can discuss this.

How long is a coaching session?
The standard length is 50 minutes. However, I also offer extended sessions if you feel this would benefit you. Again, we can discuss this. My usual recommendation is to go for the standard session first.

What’s involved in a coaching session?
A coaching session is basically a focused conversation. You bring the agenda and I, as the coach, help to structure the process. Each session, after the first, begins with a brief review of ‘what’s been better’. We then move on to the main topic and describe the issue for 20% of the time. We spend 80% of the time focusing on solutions. Each session, usually, generates some kind of action step forward.

Can couples have coaching?
Yes. There’s a growing interest in couples coaching to help them to re-align their values and goals especially after times of upheaval or change. Throughout a course of coaching they have individual and joint sessions. Coaching for couples works best when Face-to-face or Skype as it helps me, as the coach, to gauge reactions from facial expressions and non-verbal cues (body language) during the sessions.

Do you offer a discount for block booking?
Yes, and the main condition is that all sessions are taken within ten times as many days. So six sessions should be taken in 60 days, seven in 70 days and so on.

Where will the coaching be?
I offer face-to-face coaching, Skype and telephone coaching, or a mixture of all three based on your needs. I use a number of locations and usually offer the one, at the time, where there’s the shortest waiting list, or has greater flexibility for appointments.

Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes, I offer a consultation by telephone or Skype. Typically it lasts about 20 to 30 minutes. It’s your opportunity to ask any questions you need and also give you an idea of what it would be like to work with me on your goals. Free access to personal development course with every coaching consultation.

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