The Psychology of Gender

The Psychology of Gender by Dr Gary Wood
Published by Routledge Books

Book Cover: The Psychology of Gender by Dr Gary Wood

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What is the difference between sex and gender? What is the impact of gender-role stereotypes on our lives, our relationships and the world? Do we need to think beyond two category models of sex and gender? What is the future of gender? What does it mean to you?

Gender impacts on every aspect of our lives. It is often taken for granted and yet it shapes the way we think about ourselves, about others and our place in the world. In The Psychology of Gender, Dr Gary Wood offers a critical and accessible introduction to the psychology of gender by drawing on biological, historical and cultural perspectives. It considers the impact of gender roles on the individual, relationships and society in general, and addresses the ‘dilemmas’ we have regarding gender in a postmodern world. Topics covered include gender roles, sex differences, gender stereotypes, transgender and cisgender identities, and androgyny. The book also offers a unique perspective by examining the impact of storytelling from religious cosmologies, fairy tales, and science fiction which can be used to make sense of the world of gender.

The Psychology of Gender offers a platform for further exploration, tackling hidden assumptions and pop-psychology myths, and offering insights into how we make sense of our gendered world. It arrives at a new psychology of gender that emphasises relationships and helps us to understand our own gender identity and that of those around us.

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About the Author:
Dr Gary Wood is a Chartered Psychologist, solution-focused life coach, and broadcaster specializing in applied social psychology. He is on The British Psychological Society’s ‘media-friendly psychologists’ list and is widely quoted in the media offering psychological insights and coaching tips and as a featured agony-uncle in magazines, on radio and television. Gary is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has taught psychology, sexual health studies, learning skills and research methods in several UK universities. As a consultant, he has worked on social policy research projects and reports, for government bodies, broadcasting regulators, sexual health organizations, NHS Trusts, LGBT charities and media companies. Gary’s books, based on his workshops, include Unlock Your Confidence, ‘and ‘Sex, Lies and Stereotypes. His goal-setting and coaching book ‘Don’t Wait For Your Ship to Come In. . . Swim Out to Meet It’ has been translated into several languages, including French, Czech and Korean. Gary is in private practice as a personal and professional development coach, trainer and research consultant, based in Birmingham and Edinburgh, UK.

Pic: Gender questioning coaching with Dr Gary Wood