Check out coaching and confidence building events from Dr Gary WoodCoaching, Training and Other Offers from Dr Gary Wood, Chartered Psychologist, Trainer and Life Coach

Face to face (F2F) in Birmingham and Edinburgh. Nationally by telephone or Skype. Internationally via Skype.

  • Monthly prize draw: Visit Gary’s Facebook page, like the page, share a post and send a direct message for a monthly draw for a free online (Skype) coaching session.

Training Workshop Offers – Confidence Building

Book Cover: Unlock Your Confidence by Dr Gary WoodTo support his book Unlock Your Confidence, Gary is currently offering a half-day and full-day experiential workshops on confidence building where the only cost is to purchase a book for each delegate. These are currently available in and around the Birmingham area or Edinburgh.

  • Purchasing ten to 12 copies of the book: Half-day workshop at your venue.
  • Purchasing 18-24 copies of the book: Full-day workshop at your venue.

The same arrangement can be made for Gary’s book: Don’t Wait For Your Ship to Come In . . . Swim Out to Meet It! 

Please note: For areas outside Birmingham/Edinburgh, additional travelling expenses (only) will be charged. Use the contact form below to discuss dates and other terms and conditions.

Discounted Rates for Charities for Training and Life Coaching

Contact Gary to discuss your needs, dates, discounted rates and other terms and conditions. Travelling expenses will be charged for locations outside of Birmingham and Edinburgh.

Contact Dr Gary Wood to discuss dates: