What Rhymes with Orange, Silver, Purple, and Month?

pic: Orange, Silver, Purple, Month RhymesIt’s often been said that there are no words in the English language that rhyme with orange, silver, purple or month. So, here’s a hastily crafted poem, that has absolutely nothing to do with psychology or coaching, it’s just a bit of fun:

Orange, Silver, Purple and Month
I clambered up the Blorenge
Dressed in brightest orange
Against the barren silver
I spied a graceful chilver
I lost my horse’s curple,
Amonsgt the heather, purple.
But to find a rhyme for month, I must admit is uneath.


About Gary Wood
When not engaged in displacement activities such as finding rhymes for orange, silver, purple and month Gary Studio: Dr Gary Woodspecializes in applying social psychology to personal development and life coaching.He is the author of Unlock Your Confidence: Find the Keys to Lasting Change Through The Confidence-Karma Method (Buy: Amazon UK  /  Buy: Amazon USA ) Gary is based in Birmingham and Edinburgh where he runs his coaching and training practice and research consultancy.

Poem: The Anatomy of Doubt

(Thoughts on sexual and gender diversity)

Hoo-hoos, minkies, willies and winkies,
Who are the normals and who are the kinkies?
Are you heroic Brad or homely Janet,
Or a sweet transvestite from a diff-er-ent planet?
Is is straight down the line, or simply confusing?
Is it all in our genes or just something we’re choosing?
Is it just variation or unholy perversion?
Propagating the species or a fun diversion?
Are you bound by tradition or torn by the doubt,
That we’re the ones our parents warned us about?

From: Sex, Lies and Stereotypes: Challenging Views of Women, Men and Relationships, by Gary Wood, 2005. Published by New Holland (out of print).


Gender & the Social Consruction of the Sewing Machine