Lost & Found in Translation: Changez Votre Vie!

Book: Changez Votre Vie! by Gary Wood

Book: Changez Votre Vie! by Gary Wood

Seems like my book Don’t Wait For Your Ship To Come In. . . Swim Out To Meet It has been simultaneously published in French and ‘lost in translation’. In France it is known as  Changer votre vie ! (Change Your Life!)

Also, my Tools and Techniques for Positive Lasting Change have become ‘small exercises to take control’ (Petits exercices pour vous prendre en main).

Of course I’m delighted but also slightly bemused by it all.  It’s strange to see the book in such a different form. I kind of feels like I wrote a new book only someone forget to tell me.

When I found out about the Korean translation, I naively asked what the Korean people would make of my marine metaphors. So now,  I’m guessing they won’t make anything of them because they won’t get to see them. Now I’m wondering what it will be called. I’m just relieved it won’t be made into a Hollywood blockbuster. As much as I’d like to think Vin Diesel would play me, it would probably be Danny DeVito.