The Alan Turing Petition

Leading computer programmer John Graham-Cumming is championing a cause to get an apology from the British Government over its treatment of computer scientist and mathematician Alan Turing, described by Graham-Cumming as ‘the greatest computer scientist ever born in Britain. He laid the foundations of computing, helped break the Nazi Enigma code’.

In 1953 Turing was prosecuted for being gay. He was given the option of a prison sentence or an experimental ‘chemical castration’ through oestrogen injections.  He ‘chose’ the ‘therapy’ which lasted a year and had serious side effects. His security clearance was taken and his career was effectively ended. Turing took his own life in 1954.

John Graham-Cumming it petitioning No.10 arguing that:

The British Government should apologize to Alan Turing for his treatment and recognize that his work created much of the world we live in and saved us from Nazi Germany. And an apology would recognize the tragic consequences of prejudice that ended this man’s life and career.

Thousands have already signed the petition including high profile names such as Richard Dawkins. If you wish to add your support, please follow the link below.