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Chartered Psychologist, life coach and author Dr Gary Wood regularly contributes psychological insights, expert analysis and coaching tips to media features, including press, radio, and television. Areas of expertise include: Attitudes, stereotypes, prejudice, (life) coaching, goal setting, motivation, (self) confidence, (self) esteem, … Continue reading


Read testimonials from Gary’s clients Email: Chartered Psychologist , life coach and author Dr Gary Wood specializes in evidence-based psychology into workable solutions.and communication psychology to a wider audience.He regularly contributes expert analysis, psychological insights and coaching tips to press, … Continue reading

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Evidence-based consulting services in research for individuals and organizations with Dr Gary Wood   Read testimonials from Gary’s clients Email:   Chartered Psychologist Dr Gary Wood offers a combination of a solid academic background in applied psychology and real-word experience … Continue reading

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Solution-Focused Life Coaching with Dr Gary Wood Evidence-based psychological coaching for your life goals. Doing what works to get you faster results. Get your free consultation. Coaching in a Nutshell You bring the goals, you work with the coach to … Continue reading

Body Language Myth: The 7% – 38% – 55% Rule.

When we communicate we use words, the tone of voice and body language to get our message across and no doubt you have read about the 7:38:55 % Rule. ‘Popular sources’ state that these figures relate to the relative importance … Continue reading