How I came to write a study skills book problem-page style

How a psychologist came to write a study skills book aimed at students and their parents in a problem-page style. Continue reading


7 Item Study Skills Survival Pack

I’ve gathered my student-focused study skills based post into one convenient place. They cover most things from lectures, exams and revision as well as essay writing. As a psychology student,I have used these techniques myself and they have served me … Continue reading

17 Top Study Skills Tips From a Psychologist and Lecturer

Applying principles from psychology, learning theory and teaching practice will take the guess work out of studying for exams. Here are some top tips that have worked well for me as a student, a psychology lecturer and for my students. … Continue reading

Learning Skills as Life Skills (and vice versa)

It’s tempting to view formal education as learning and then everything else that happens afterwards as your ‘real life’. However, it’s a false dichotomy. We continue to learn throughout our lives, whether or not we want to. Recognizing this can … Continue reading

Studying, Highlighter Pens, Defacing Books and Learning

Scribbling on Books One of my pet hates is seeing books covered in fluorescent highlighter pen. On one occasion I lent a student a pristine, personal copy of a book that was in high demand in the library. My reward? … Continue reading

Preventing Mental Fatigue – Good Study Habits

Any one who has ever studied hard knows how tiring it can be. Many consider studying to be a boring but “necessary evil”. However, boredom don’t have to come with the territory. The old adage that  “variety is the spice of … Continue reading

A Letter to New Students – How to Study (for Success)

Dear New Student, You are about to embark on an exciting journey so I thought I’d offer a few pointers that have served me very well in my learning journey so far. Returning to education as a mature student, I … Continue reading

Music to Study By

There has been some research into the effects of background music on learning, in particular the Mozart Effect with young children. Essentially babies focus on novelty when learning and the complexity of classical music provides plenty of novelty for their … Continue reading

Letters to a New Student

Letters to a New Student. Tips to Study Smarter from a Psychologist by Dr Gary Wood. Published by Routledge Books Read a sample of the book (or buy it): Amazon UK  or Amazon USA  Read Gary’s blog: How I came to write a study … Continue reading

Why Thomas Edison as a Role Model for Personal Development is Only Half the Picture

You may have seen or heard the motivational quote to encourage persistence that cites the example of  inventor Thomas Edison. It’s doubtful that the encounter ever happened and the numbers of attempts reported by self hep gurus certainly vary. The … Continue reading