10 Point Confidence and Esteem Building Plan from Social Psychology

In my earlier post I introduced the idea of ‘Treating Low Self Confidence and Low Self Esteem as ‘Self Prejudice’‘ and coined the term ‘auto-prejudice‘. This is a form of an ongoing negative auto-biography, a story that you tell yourself (and others) about … Continue reading

The Psychology of Gender

The Psychology of Gender by Dr Gary Wood Published by Routledge Books Buy: Amazon UK  /  Buy: Amazon USA  Check out author’s: EVENTS and OFFERS The book is supported by the site: The Psychology of Gender What is the difference between sex and gender? What is the … Continue reading

End of Year Review 2016: Top Psychology and Coaching Posts

In 2016 I’ve been involved with many writing projects (& reports) and so the blog took something of a back seat. So, still at number one in the top ten most visited psychology, coaching and confidence posts of 2016 is the … Continue reading

End of Year Review: Top 10 Psychology, Coaching and Confidence Blog Posts for 2015

The top ten most visited psychology, coaching and confidence posts of 2015 for this blog are a mixture of newer posts and a few classics. Many of the posts are based excerpts from my books on tools and techniques I … Continue reading

End of Year Review: Most Popular Psychology and Coaching Posts of 2013

Top ten most visited psychology and coaching blog for 2013 for this blog, a mixture of newer posts and a few classics. It’s good to see that a number of this year’s confidence and esteem posts made it into the top … Continue reading

Why Other People Matter and How Building Social Networks Supports Personal Growth, Confidence and Self-Esteem

The hierarchy of needs proposed by Abraham Maslow has transformed our understanding of motivation. It is so ubiquitous in training courses that I, jokingly apologize for including it in my confidence and esteem building workshops. When my book Unlock Your … Continue reading

What is Evidence-Based Psychology?

“Evidence-based psychology informs all that you are; how you view your world, what you do in the world, and ultimately, how you change your world” Human experience, psychology and science Psychology – the scientific study of mind, behaviour and experience – has … Continue reading

Gender, Cave People & an Apology for Psychology

If I have to hear another ‘it’s a throwback to cave people’ explanation to explain gender social roles, I’ll scream. In fact I do! Much to the dismay of people sitting in the same room.  It’s all the worse when … Continue reading

A pill to cure all ills? Social Problems as Medical Conditions.

This satirical link poses some interesting questions.  Are we living in an increasingly ‘medicalized’ age, where we can pop a pill to cure all ills? Are social (and psychological) problems being turned into medical conditions? Links: Is addictive personality a … Continue reading