The Bare Necessities of Life (and Research) – What Can’t You Live Without?

I was asked (by a local radio station) to comment on the media ‘research’ story of the week: What are the things in life we can’t do with out? (Obviously a slow week in research). The results were: Top 20 … Continue reading

I’m Sorry But This “Research” is Just Another Crummy, Half-Baked, PR Stunt

I took part in a radio discussion today for BBC Coventry and Warwickshire to discuss some new “research” about how “Brits” apologize too much. I’m sorry but it’s not proper research and the figures are meaningless. It’s another one of … Continue reading

Research Consultant

Evidence-based consulting services in research for individuals and organizations with Dr Gary Wood   Read testimonials from Gary’s clients Email:   Chartered Psychologist Dr Gary Wood offers a combination of a solid academic background in applied psychology and real-word experience … Continue reading

Letters to a New Student

Letters to a New Student. Tips to Study Smarter from a Psychologist by Dr Gary Wood. Published by Routledge Books Read a sample of the book (or buy it): Amazon UK  or Amazon USA  Read Gary’s blog: How I came to write a study … Continue reading

The Psychology of Gender

The Psychology of Gender by Dr Gary Wood Published by Routledge Books Buy: Amazon UK  /  Buy: Amazon USA  Check out author’s: EVENTS and OFFERS The book is supported by the site: The Psychology of Gender What is the difference between sex and gender? What is the … Continue reading

3 Questions to Help You Set Deadlines for Your Personal Goals (and how to remain accountable to them)

Many clients tell me that they find it easier to work to an externally set deadline. Personal projects seem to drift along without end, especially when life gets in the way. So what can be done about it? The short … Continue reading

Living with Freedom, Living a Better Life, and Coaching

It’s often said that life coaching is all about goals – usually goals to a better life. Recently I read an interesting booklet called Getting All Emotive Online by Phil Byrne & Neil Henry. It’s about on-line marketing and something … Continue reading

Are Zero-Hours Contracts Bad for Your Health?

For the BBC Inside-Out  (08/2/2016) programme I was asked this question: are zero-hours contracts bad for our health?  In this blog post I expand on the themes in the programme, offer some examples of pertinent psychological theories, suggestions as to … Continue reading

How Do You Know You Are Ready For Life Coaching? (and is it right for you?)

You might be considering personal or professional development coaching for any number of reasons and whether it is right for you, at this particular time. Maybe you have goals that you want to move towards. It could be that there are a … Continue reading