The Bare Necessities of Life (and Research) – What Can’t You Live Without?

I was asked (by a local radio station) to comment on the media ‘research’ story of the week: What are the things in life we can’t do with out? (Obviously a slow week in research). The results were: Top 20 … Continue reading

I’m Sorry But This “Research” is Just Another Crummy, Half-Baked, PR Stunt

I took part in a radio discussion today for BBC Coventry and Warwickshire to discuss some new “research” about how “Brits” apologize too much. I’m sorry but it’s not proper research and the figures are meaningless. It’s another one of … Continue reading

Research Consultant

Evidence-based consulting services in research for individuals and organizations with Dr Gary Wood   Read testimonials from Gary’s clients Email:   Chartered Psychologist Dr Gary Wood offers a combination of a solid academic background in applied psychology and real-word experience … Continue reading

Happiness: The Good Life versus The Meaningful Life

The third episode of Happiness, A Sceptics Guide looks at different types of happiness. Faced with two doors ‘happiness or ‘meaning’, which one would you choose? Find out what that choice means and how you can apply this insight to … Continue reading

How do we define wellbeing? And what does it mean to you? Are you well?

One way we can bridge the gap between ‘common sense’ or everyday ideas, pop psychology and academic knowledge is to look at working (operational) definitions of key concepts – in this case, ‘wellbeing’ – to put us on the same … Continue reading

Reflections on Writing ‘The Psychology of Wellbeing’ – based on the preface to the book

During the first UK lockdown in the Coronavirus pandemic, I was putting the finishing touches to my book ‘The Psychology of Wellbeing’. The writing process was beset with a number of health and wellness concerns of my own. I’ve discussed … Continue reading

The Psychology of Wellbeing

The Psychology of Wellbeing by Dr Gary Wood Published by Routledge Books (Psychology of Everything Series) To buy the book visit Amazon UK or Amazon US. Check out author’s: EVENTS and OFFERS Watch the videos on Youtube: The Psychology of Wellbeing Playlist Questions of … Continue reading