Displacement Activities: How We Use Them to Maintain Confidence and How to Use Them for Problem Solving

Displacement activities are things we choose to do instead of doing the things we are supposed to be doing. Many of us have at sometime succumbed to the lure of de-scaling the kettle over the call of a pressing deadline. … Continue reading

Changing ‘Yes but’ to ‘Yes and’ – Lessons in Life and Problem Solving from Improv and Brainstorming

One of the great lessons from theatre improvization (improv or impro) games is the rule of ‘Yes and’. All too often in life we ‘yes but’ everything. This is especially true of people who solicit advice for their problems only … Continue reading

That’s Just The Way I Am! (& Problem Solving)

If the doors of our perception were to be cleansed, everything would appear to us as it is, infinite – William Blake Sit still for a moment and listen. What can you hear? Scan the environment for sounds. It could … Continue reading

End of Year Review: Most Popular Psychology and Coaching Posts of 2013

Top ten most visited psychology and coaching blog for 2013 for this blog, a mixture of newer posts and a few classics. It’s good to see that a number of this year’s confidence and esteem posts made it into the top … Continue reading

Give Up the Routine and Predictable for Lent – Give Up On Giving Up

Lent, in the Christian calendar is marked by prayer, penance, repentance, charity andself-denial, for forty days leading to up Easter. It is usually summed up in the phrase ‘giving up something for Lent’,  and is often seen as a test … Continue reading

A Psychologist’s Year in Cafe World – Part Four: Self-Service Motivation & Strategy

This is the fourth of my posts offering psychological insights into the computer game Cafe World. Part One see: Just Being Sociable Part Two see: Goal-Setting On the Table Part Three see: Non-Stick, Non-Stuck, Cognitive Flexibility Café World (CW) is a café-themed, goals-based computer game … Continue reading

A Psychologist’s Year in Cafe World – Part Three: Non-Stick, Non-Stuck, Cognitive Flexibility

This is the third of my posts offering psychological insights into the computer game Cafe World.  For Part One see: Just Being Sociable For Part Two see: Goal-Setting On the Table Café World (CW) is a café-themed, goals-based computer game where players build … Continue reading

More Personal Development Quotations

More of my favourite motivational quotations: The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. – Marcel Proust In the field of observation, chance favours only the prepared mind – Louis Pasteur In … Continue reading

4 Ways to Deal with Overwhelming Life Challenges

Facing up to a new challenge can be overwhelming especially when it seems like totally unchartered territory. Sometimes we doubt ourselves and overlook our past experiences and transferable skills. This leads to a dip in self-confidence. However, often, the only … Continue reading

What is Solution Focused Coaching?

What is Coaching? The term life coaching has entered into everyday language. It’s a catch-all term to describe a professional relationship where a practitioner assists a client to identify and achieve personal (and professional) goals. If we use the transport metaphor, a … Continue reading