Gender Stereotypes and Confidence

Confidence & Media Myths Our concept of what it means to be confident is sometimes distorted by gender stereotypes. Confidence is often seen as a masculine type trait. This is partly because we confuse confidence with bravado. Some self-help gurus … Continue reading

The Psychology of Gender

The Psychology of Gender by Dr Gary Wood Published by Routledge Books Buy: Amazon UK  /  Buy: Amazon USA  Check out author’s: EVENTS and OFFERS The book is supported by the site: The Psychology of Gender What is the difference between sex and gender? What is the … Continue reading

Why We Are All Trans-(binary)-gender and the Myth of Cisgender

In many ways, this post seems at odds with recent psychology and coaching posts. However it’s really just a piece about how we think about the world and our inherent need to classify. Over the past few years I’ve noticed … Continue reading

Sex, Lies and Stereotypes

Sex, Lies and Stereotypes: Challenging Views of Women, Men and Relationships by Dr Gary Wood Published by New Holland Publishers, March 2005. Buy: Amazon UK  /  Buy: Amazon USA Sex, Lies and Stereotypes explores the shifting nature of gender role stereotypes and changing attitudes … Continue reading

Never Mind. . . the Great Procrustean Binary Gender Swindle

After publishing my Gender & the Social Construction of the Sewing Machine post, I checked the things automatically linked to it by WordPress and found a fascinating and brave post. I was going to add a comment of support, but the comments … Continue reading

Sex and Gender are NOT the Same Thing! All Gender is a Drag!

One of the things to emerge from the Caster Semenya controversy (in the 2009 World Championships) is the misconception that the terms sex and gender mean the same thing. They do not. Numerous sources, including ones that should know better, … Continue reading

Gender, Cave People & an Apology for Psychology

If I have to hear another ‘it’s a throwback to cave people’ explanation to explain gender social roles, I’ll scream. In fact I do! Much to the dismay of people sitting in the same room.  It’s all the worse when … Continue reading

Flirting & the ‘Golden’ Age of Gender

In examining flirting tips from the various main stream pop-psychology books on body language I’m struck by the prevalence of gender stereotypes and the absence of the acknowledgement that not everyone is heterosexual and not everyone wants to have children. … Continue reading

Who Says So? Gender and the Social Construction of the Sewing Machine (and other power tools).

All attempts at theorizing social life are, at the same time, works of autobiography – William Simon, 1996 As we read a text. . . we produce something different, another text which is a translation – Ian Parker, 1999 I … Continue reading

End of Year Review 2016: Top Psychology and Coaching Posts

In 2016 I’ve been involved with many writing projects (& reports) and so the blog took something of a back seat. So, still at number one in the top ten most visited psychology, coaching and confidence posts of 2016 is the … Continue reading