Happiness, A Sceptics Guide Review – The Story So Far Part Three (Bonus Ep.21)


In this bonus review episode (Ep.21), Paul Flower and Dr Gary Wood look back over the previous five episodes of the Happiness, A Sceptics Guide podcast on the theme of making the happiness insights stick, to formulate a personalised happiness development programme.  In the four (of the five) episodes, the podcast explores the theme of storytelling:

  • Telling Better Happiness Stories (Ep15)
  • Happiness and Christmastime Survival Tips (Ep16). Bonus Episode
  • Happiness, Goals and Resolutions (Ep17)
  • Happiness, and Trust and Truth and Blue Monday (Ep.18)
  • Happiness and Best Future Selves and Bucket Lists (Ep,19)

The present episode concludes with ideas from Paul of what the podcast should discuss next to keep the narrative moving in a worthwhile direction.

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