Thera-pist Off with Boasts of Celebrity Clients?

Ok, if you are  a celebrity and you see a therapist (or psychologist) ‘gossiping‘ about celebrities on TV and in magazines, and you feel you need to see a therapist, would you go to the gossippy one, or would you go to someone who you felt would respect client confidentiality and abide by a code of ethics or at least appeared to? It’s a big question.

So how come the ‘gossipologists’ usually claim to have a celebrity client list? Surely if they did then it must be of celebrities who never read newspapers, magazines or watch television. Now this doesn’t seem likely. So could it be that the (un)professional gossips are putting a bit of ‘gloss’ of their CV, otherwise known in some quarters as ‘telling lies’? Surely not.

Now if you are  NOT  a celebrity and feel you need therapy would it make you suspicious of all therapists if you see some therapists on TV, that you suspect of lying and making up shit and stating the bleedin’ obvious at the same time as boasting of a celebrity client list but still gossiping about celebrities?

The conclusion has to be that anyone who gossips about celebrities has never met any of the people they are gossiping about and so has no real insight whatsoever except in their own imagination. Could it be construed that they are exploiting their professional credentials just to bask in some one else’s ‘vainglory’? Does this mean that really they should see a therapist?  And, if the gossip-cum-therapist is a kind of celebrity, on account of gossiping on TV about celebrities, shouldn’t they be treated like other celebrities?  Should other therapists be able to comment on the level of pathology inherent in the gossipologists’ delusions?

And wouldn’t the therapist/gossip be deeply suspicious of other therapists? Why you ask? Well, because they have  seen some therapists on TV gossiping about celebrities and worry because they are kind of celebrities themselves on accounting of gossiping on TV about fellow celebrities and therefore conclude that all therapists, must unprofessional, unethical and tell lies, and will gossip about them on TV? Or could it be that they have just looked in the mirror?

Just asking.

For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

1 Corinthians 13 v 12

2 thoughts on “Thera-pist Off with Boasts of Celebrity Clients?

  1. You write, “Should other therapists be able to comment on the level of pathology inherent in the gossipologists’ delusions?”

    Turnabout is not fair play, they’d tell us. I had one media psychologist complain through her lawyer that I invaded her privacy after I blogged about her public statements and public conduct. I invaded her privacy by discussing her public conduct? She, who routinely speculates about people, offers her opinions on what diagnoses she thinks they may have, and who doesn’t hesitate to blog about their children, even?! Sheesh.

    Of course we can’t really comment publicly about the level of pathology we might suspect is present in some cases. That would be unethical and we’d go to Psychologist H*ll. But that doesn’t stop us from pointing out when psychologists are not acting ethically.

    • Yes. . we have a couple of those in the UK too. They tend to describe themselves as ‘celebrity psychologists’. . whatever that’s supposed to mean. . .it’s usually clear that they see themselves as celebrities but are somehow magically immune from the shabby rules set by their own conduct. Why is it they don’t get the connection?

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